General Information

If you are planning an event and have seen artists' profiles that interest you, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

These are the parameters we need to know in order to find the performance that fits your event best:

• When and where will your event take place?

• What kind of musical or artistic performance are you looking for? Do you prefer background music, a full concert performance, short interludes...?

• Do you have any preferences concerning size and instrumentation of the ensemble, or concerning the repertoire?

• What kind of budget is at your disposal?

With this information we can start a search and - generally within 7 to 10 days - offer you one or rather several alternative musical acts. Ideally, there is at least three to four weeks' time between your inquiry and the event, depending on the complexity and the circumstances of the performance in question. However, we do our very best to fulfill short-term requests as well. 

Only when you have decided upon one of our suggestions in our offer, a contract will be set up. Our offered price contains all costs, including artists' fee, travel or transport of instruments, social insurance contribution, and the agent's commission.